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Drug Demand Reduction Training for Peer Educators and Counsellors

The National Institute of Social Defense (NISD) under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment conducted a one week training on “Drug Demand Reduction” for Peer Educator and Counselors. The Training was conducted at

Drug related cases drop in 2015

Police and BNCA determined to continue their fight against drugs

Crime: The Royal Bhutan Police is determined to fight against drugs with the nationwide drug crackdown that began on December 2, 2013 to continue.

Police arrests taxi driver for trafficking drugs

Crime: Police arrested a taxi driver on 19th January for illegal trafficking of controlled psychotropic and narcotics drugs.

Following a tip off, police arrested the 27-year-old taxi driver at the Rinchending checkpost in Kharbandhi at around 4am. He was returning to Thimphu from Phuentsholing.

People find BNCA strategies confounding and unfair

Tobacco: If one must see how Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency’s (BNCA) random inspection is scaring the soul out of smokers, the best place to go is where automobile workshops are at Olakha, Thimphu. Smokers scan around to make sure there are inspectors lurking about and dash out swiftly for a quick drag.

Beware of Sonam Penjor (Spasmo-proxyvon)

Spasmo-proxyvon (SP) is the most abused drug in the country

Drugs: At a glance, it looks like any other capsules sold over the pharmacy counter. The blue coloured odourless capsule looks harmless. It is actually a pain reliever.

Samdrupjongkhar: BNCA fines defaulters

Tobacco: Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency found that many restaurants, bars and hotels in Samdrupjongkhar that do not have designated smoking room. A total of Nu 26,000 fines were collected.

One of the bars was fine Nu 10,000 for allowing a customer to smoke inside the bar, and two individuals for smoking in the no smoking zone.

Two detained for smuggling controlled substances

Crime: Thimphu police during their weekly highway drug checking on December 22 detained two men for smuggling controlled narcotic and psychotropic substances into the country.

22 guides convicted for drugs related cases

Crime: The increasing number of guides coming in conflict with law is a worrying trend, say Royal Bhutan Police.

Since police began a major crackdown on drugs from December 2013, about 22 guides were convicted for abuse, possession and trafficking of banned narcotic substances as of last month.

Narcotics team conducts surprise highway check

Inspections have moved from Gelephu to Samdrupjongkhar 

Tobacco: It appears that the surprise inspections by the Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency (BNCA) is proving effective

Only three individuals were fined in Gelephu

22 smokers caught smoking in public places

Tobacco: Twenty-two people were fined for smoking in public areas in Thimphu when the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (BNCA) was on its second round of inspection on November 28.

Between 10.30am and 5.30pm, about 15 inspectors from BNCA, Royal Bhutan Police, Department of Trade, and Department of Revenue and Customs collected a total of Nu 41,000 from the fines.